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Pin of the Week #52- TV Shows

Sorry for this being a day late. I might have to start seeing this blog as homework. I can’t watch my TV shows until my homework is done. I’m pretty sure that I’ve got my P.O.T.W. picked out for next week but that doesn’t help me for this week. Oh, I’ve got it! Since I’m getting distracted by TV shows I’m gonna show you guys why.

Here is my TV scheduled for this fall.

 I know, I know, there are way too many shows on that list, but remember, I don’t have children. My evenings are still free to do whatever I want (within reason). Most of the time I just catch up two to three days worth of shows in one evening.
I probably should start doing productive things like putting away my clean laundry or exercising in the living room. But our couch is really comfy. :)


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