Pin of the Week #44- Candle Powered Fan

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Pin of the Week

I told you I would bring you something cool for this week’s P.O.T.W. and I think that I’ve found it.


Thermoelectric powered fan

 Check this bad boy out! 

Now a tea light candle doesn’t last that long, but I think that it’s a really good idea if you don’t want to waste energy. You can turn the AC off and still keep cool on a hot summer day like today. :)



30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 14

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Finally, a challenge that I want to write about! Day 14- A TV show that you’re currently addicted to.

This fall season I am trying to keep up with not one, not two, but ten TV shows. If I didn’t have the ability to go online to view the previous nights episodes I won’t be able to keep up with anything. Let me break down the viewing schedule for you.

Sunday- Once Upon A Time

Monday- Gotham, Scorpion

Tuesday-Flash, New Girl, Selfie, Master Chef: Junior

Thursday- Reign, Big Bang Theory


Saturday- Doctor Who

11 shows in total! Now that I look at it, I think that I might be a little crazy, but that’s ok. All of these shows I would say that I’m addicted to. One of my favorites would have to be Once Upon A Time. I love Disney stuff, so to see them bring in the different characters and have them interact with each other is awesome. I’m sorta excited about the Frozen characters this season, but I think that it might have been too soon from the movie release. There’s the other side of the fairy tale world with Grimm. It’s a lot darker than OUAT. I’m pretty sure that the Grimm character would totally kill the OUAT characters, but that’s a totally different fandom!

Monday- Gotham is awesome because I love the Batman story and I think that it’s cool to see how they develop the different villains. Scorpion is an awesome show about the life of Walter O’Brien, a genius, and the team that he has and all of the things that they do.

Tuesday- Flash is another comic book that’s been brought to TV. I don’t really know anything about The Flash other than his name is Barry Allen, He’s the fastest man alive, and he has a red suit with a lightning bolt on it. New Girl is probably the show that I get embarrassed about watching because there are so many themes that don’t agree with my living style, but I do like most of the humor throughout the show. Selfie is a new show this season that takes a new twist on the classic movie My Fair Lady. (Which I Love!) Master Chef: Junior is just plain adorable and totally awesome. Because it’s kids cooking amazing things that I still don’t know how to do. (And probably never will!

Thursday- Reign is supposed to be the story of Queen Mary of Scotland and her and King Francis’ reign of France… but it’s not that historically accurate. They costumes are so lovely, but again, not accurate. Big Bang Theory, why won’t a nerd like this show? Enough said!

And I’ve already talked about Grimm and I think that you all know how I stand on Doctor Who. (<– Love It!) I think that’s enough to leave you with this evening! :)


30-Day Blog Challenge- Day 7

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Today’s challenge is to show a picture of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet. It might be a little hard to find a picture because the animal I would love to have as a pet would be a Dragon!Toothless-and-Hipcup-in-How-To-Train-Your-Dragon-2

Actually two dragons. One would be the kind that I could ride, and the other would be what’s known as a Minor Dragon. It’s a miniature dragon with special abilities. I think that I would like to have a dragon like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. He’s pretty cute, and he can fly, and kick butt if he need to. The minor dragon would be the size of my palm, and either have the ability to heal, or sing, or keep things in a cheerful mood. Ever since I read the Dragon Keeper Chronicles I’ve wanted to have dragons. Only in my dreams though!


30-Day Blog Challenge- Day 6

30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Our Wedding, Superhero Reveal

Our Wedding, Superhero Reveal

Since I’ve been married for over two years now, it’s a little late to have my dream wedding. There are things that I would have changed if I could go back in time, but it doesn’t matter any more. Something that I would have liked to do was to have more nerdy things in our wedding. There could have been a lot of things from The Lord of the Rings that I could have incorporated into a wedding. I could have also done stuff from Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney, Superhero stuff, and Doctor Who, but sadly I wasn’t brave enough to actually go full nerd at the wedding. Here are some people that actual did go full nerd and I think that their wedding looked beautiful!



Nerd Wedding Cake


Batman Wedding Cake


Doctor Who Wedding Bouquet


Doctor Who Bridesmaids Gifts


Doctor Who Wedding


A Lord of The Rings Wedding Reception


A Lord of the Rings Wedding


A Harry Potter Wedding


A Settlers of Catan Wedding Reception

Pin Of The Week #12 -Steam-punk Disney Costumes

Pin of the Week

This week’s P.O.T.W. is going to be nerdy and fun. Really I’m being lazy because it was my 26th birthday on Monday and I haven’t gotten back into the swing of things.

There are currently 772 pins on my geek board; which makes it my biggest board. I’ve been considering dividing it up to were I have a Disney board, a Lord of the Rings Board, and a Doctor Who Board, but maybe later whenever I have the time to be able to move everything around.

Since Halloween is approaching, it’s good to get some ideas for a costume. I do not celebrate Halloween, but I do like to dress up and ask strangers for candy :)

Here are some fun takes on some classic characters. I think that it’s really cool to see how people take a costume and make it steam-punk. (If you don’t know what steam-punk is, check out this article!)







New iPhone Update and some deeper stuff

Thursday I updated my iPhone 4S with the new iOS 8. Well technically I updated Wednesday night, but for some reason whenever you hit install at 2 am, after you’ve been sleeping for a few hours, and go back to sleep it doesn’t actually install. Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade my phone yet because I’m still working on my two year contract. I would like an iPhone 5 or 5C to be able to handle the new iOS without any problems, but I also don’t want to give up my awesome Captain America shield phone case. Maybe I can find one for the 5 that’s the same. That also means that I’ll have purchase a new charging cord…why does Apple have to be so money hungry?! The update was successful. Now to look at all the new features and hope that my phone can handle everything.

On a better note, my wonderful husband now has a new job!! He no longer has to work for difficult old people. (I’m not saying that all old people are difficult, but the ones at the place that he worked were). He is now working for a local IT company, which is really good because that’s what his degree will be in. He says that it’s a lot to learn, but learning new things is good, right? (Ok, he pretty much has the new job! It’s not official yet.) I once heard that if you read and hour a day in your chosen field, it’s supposed to make you can expert in 7 years, I think it what the quote is. I don’t really have a chosen field right now, I guess I could start reading stuff about Pediatrics, but I don’t plan on working as a receptionist for the rest of my life. Does that same principle work with a hobby? Because I picked this gem of a book on a recent trip to Kansas City, MO. I would say it’s more of an encyclopedia than a dictionary, but that’s just me.


I think that some of you know my feelings about the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings books/movies, but most of you don’t know. LOTR came out during a point of my life that was very difficult. I was a growing young woman and emotions tend to wreck havoc on one’s life; Especially if some major life stuff is going on at the same time. The Fellowship on the Ring film came out in 2001 and I ended up clinging to it for, I guess you could call emotional support. Some people would call it obsession (some people probably still say I’ve obsessed with it), but those movies helped me get through that though time in my life. Now it’s part of who I am. No I can’t speak elvish, or write in Tenwar, but I would love to go to Middle Earth and travel around the lands of Gondor, Rohan, Lothlorien, and the Shire. And I’m not talking about going to New Zealand even though that would be pretty awesome. Tolkien wrote the Lord of the Rings and all the other books about Middle Earth to give the people of England hope in a time where they didn’t really have any and I think that’s true enough for my own life as well. I hope that as I continue to grow I will be able to take the things that I’ve learn from life and the stories that Tolkien has written about and not forget that no matter what situation you’re going through, there is always hope. Especially when you have someone as amazing as Jesus Christ there beside you. :)


Pin Of The Week #9 -Quiet Books

Pin of the Week

Imagine you are a kid again. You’re at church on a Sunday morning, sitting on the pew next to your parents, the pastor is teaching, and you are bored out of your tiny mind. This was me all those years ago. Thankfully my grandmother had made several quiet books to keep us occupied. At least enough to make us be quiet so our parents could listen to the sermon. The quiet book that I remember was made out of canvas material with a lot things to play with. There were little girls with big bonnets that I think you had to tie. It had flowers with button on petals, a lady bug with black spots that you could velcro on (that was one of my favorites), and other stuff that I can’t remember right now.

I plan on making at least one of these books for my furture children, maybe even two. One that’s on the normal side and one that’s super nerdy. Because I have to get them started young! :) Here are some that I’ve pinned that will lend to my creativity whenever it comes time to making these. I will of course have a Lord of the Rings themed section. I’ll have all of the links below so you can get some Inspiration of your own.

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Painter Pallet- (It’s in a different language, but you can see the pictures)

Goldfish Bowl-



Chalk Numbers-

Balloon Colors-