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Some Ramblings

Don’t you hate it whenever you have so many things going through your mind that you can’t pick out one thing to think about? I’m having that exact problem right now. It’s hard whenever there are emotions behind just about everything too. It makes it harder to be able to focus. I also have so many projects that I’m working on that it’s hard to focus on one thing. I did manage to finish a wedding present for some friends that are getting married in a few weeks. It felt good to actually accomplish something. I don’t have that much done on my Etsy shop though. Sure I’ve made stuff, but that’s the easy part! Yes, I am slacking, but I’m nervous. This isn’t something that I’ve done before. I would much rather sell my items face to face then online. Unfortunately I wouldn’t make any money if I don’t open a shop. I seem to be more focused on wanting to make more products that people will actually purchase rather than seeing if they want to buy anything in the first place. Yes, this is self doubt. Maybe that will go away whenever I get my first sale, but for now it’s still there.


Zig-Zag Crochet Stitch

I’ve been crocheting an infinity scarf that I saw on Pinterest. Since the summer seems to have left Northwest Arkansas, it’s scarf and jacket weather for me. Tonight we had a cook out at church and a small bonfire as well. I still have the smell of smoke in my hair. I so want to go camping and hiking before it gets colder than what I’m comfortable with. Hopefully I can still wear my Chacos for a bit longer too! It’s good to get to hang out with friends, new and old. Today I visited my old church and was very encouraged to see how much its grown. You can definitely tell that they are doing what God has told them to do because they are so blessed in their ministry. After church we all went to eat at Red Robin and I have to tell you, that was an awesome Bacon Cheeseburger! And the company was equally as awesome.

This week I start my next project….I am making a sweet, little girl Queen Elsa’s ice queen dress from the movie Frozen. I purchased the fabric this weekend, and I plan on starting the making process this week. I’m a little nervous because I’m having to tweak the pattern just a little bit, and it’s not like I’m making the dress for me and I can try it on to see how well it fits. I’m just hoping that I’ll get it close enough and only have to make minor adjustments. I am excited about getting to do this though. Who knows, after I’m done I may be making my own Elsa dress! :)


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