Well that didn’t work…

So it’s not that I’m ungrateful, it’s that I get distracted. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted from last week. Maybe I need to look into doing a different challenge. Sorry guys! :(



52 Weeks of Gratitude-Week 3

Looks like this has gone from a Saturday post to a Sunday post. Oh well, life still goes on.

Week 3- Family

Family can be interpreted in many different way, but I’m choosing to go with the most common meaning. Family by blood. I grew up with my grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins living close by. We all went to church together as well. Every family has there issues, you can’t get around that. Even with those issues I wouldn’t give up my family for anyone else’s. 

I love it whenever we all get together during the holidays because we’re growing. Now that we’re all married, the children are starting to be born. Which is awesome. And remember how you had to sit at the kids table whenever you were a kid and even when you were a teenager. Well in our family, the kid table grew up and became the second adult table (but still ultimately the kid table. Maybe the big kid table). There is now a new kid table with the mini-me’s of everyone. And it’s pretty stinkin cute. :)

Family is something that people should always have. No matter if that’s blood related or not. 


52 Weeks of Gratitude-Week 2

Sorry this is a day late, guess I’m still getting used to the habit of blogging. 

Week 2-Spouse

This is something that is going to be a very easy post for me. I am so incredibly grateful for my husband, Josh. He is an amazing man and does everything he can to make sure that we have a comfortable life. I can’t image my life without him. He likes to keep the apartment clean and I’m ok with that. :) He also like to work out, which I’m also ok with. ;) The best part about us being together is God brought us together. You can’t beat that! 


52 Weeks of Gratitude-Week 1

To get back into the habit of blogging I’ve decided to do blogging challenge. Some of you will probably have déjà vu because the things I’m gonna talk about are things I’ve already blogged about. Or not. :)

Week 1-Why start this challenge? 

I think I just answered this question. Haha Not only am I hoping that this kick my butt back to blogging, but I’m wanted to focus more on being thankful the things that I’ve taken for granite. I also need to probably make my posts a little bit longer than I usually do. 

I’ve also gotten through my first week of Bullet Journaling. I can’t wait till my new journal comes in though so I can transfer what I have so far. I think it’s getting shipped from China or Germany though. 


Happy New Year!!

Happy 2016 everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am super excited for this year. I got to ring in the new year with my wonderful husband and some good friends. New Years resolutions aren’t something that I like making because I always seem to fail at keeping them and I hate failure. It’s probably something that I should work on this year. Something that I am trying to keep  up with is a bullet journal. I love being organized and this is a great way for me to keep up with everything. For the past two years I’ve been able to keep up with a calendar.

You know how everyone seems to say how the year has just flown by? 2015 didn’t feel that way for me. By keeping up with the calendar I felt like I was able to keep up with the passage of time better. I’m hoping that this bullet journal will offer the same experience. For more info on bullet journaling you can check out this website http://bulletjournal.com/

I’ll keep you all informed as I go along. I’m hoping to get back into blogging again as well.


Pin of the Week #53- Hammock Underquilt


So this past weekend I went camping at Hemmed-In Hollow in Compton, AR. I wanted to make sure I didn’t freeze to death in the middle of the woods. I didn’t want to spend $100+  on a legit underquilt for my hammock. So what do I always do? Make it myself! :) 

Hammock Underquilt

I bought basic $20, 45 degree rated, rectangle shaped sleeping bag and machine sewed elastic loops on to it. I didn’t want to actually damage the sleeping bag because we still could use it whenever we tent camp. 

Me inside my hammock

Me inside my hammock

Hammock Setup

Hammock Setup

I stayed pretty warm and even sweated a little bit. But I should have brought something for my face. My nose got cold. 

Hauling all that gear down into a valley wasn’t the best idea because I had to haul it back up. But I did and I have the calves to prove it. I also didn’t freeze. :)