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Global Vision

Sunday's LessonHappy Monday Everyone!

Today I started my new job. I’m super excited to see what things God has planned for me.
Yesterday at church we got an update from our Global workers that we support. It was amazing to hear all the amazing things that God is doing in other countries. Something that I had forgotten about is how lonely global work can be.

Remember whenever you were a kid at camp, and it  was half way though. Remember how homesick you felt. Then you got a letter from home. Not only did you feel loved, but you felt like you finish the rest of camp. I feel that’s how global workers also feel. Whenever they get letters from home say that people are thinking of them and praying for them. It gives them the strength that they need to keep doing the work that they’ve been called to do.

If you have sent out workers then remember to pray for them or even write to them. Your one little bit of encouragement will mean the world to them! :)


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